Welcome to the Millbrook Group

Millbrook was formed in 1946 and has subsequently grown into a diversified Group, employing over 750 people, operating across Healthcare, Logistics, Manufacturing and the Contracting Sectors around the world for Private, Commercial and Government sectors.

As a Company we pride ourselves on our capabilities and speed of response.

Understanding and communicating requirements to our staff across all areas of our operations is of key importance.

We have a ‘can do ethos’ through out our business which is built on involvement of all and a desire to succeed.

Our Mission is to quickly understand the needs and requirements of our customers’ and then deliver the highest quality cost effective solutions and products, on time with the highest levels of proactivity and care

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Our Ethos

Our ethos is to be entirely mission focused to ‘get the job done’ regardless of the challenges and obstacles in our way, whilst remaining both individually and Corporately focused on our Integrity , Environment and the Safety of ourselves and those around us.

Through our entire Company at every level we look to project energy and a ‘Can do attitude’ through:

Total Understanding of our Customers’ goals

Clear and Un-delayed decision making at both Corporate and Operational locations

Constant Team Communication and involvement of our staff and supply partners at every level

On-going re-evaluation of performance as individuals and the Company as a whole.

Our Core Skills

  • Management Clarity and responsiveness
  • The on-going development of our staff
  • Production ,Quality and Performance Control
  • Logistics and ‘Remote Location’ control

Our History

n 1946 when Walter Croll opened his small upholstery and bedding workshop in the Millbrook area of Southampton, majestic ships from such famous lines as Cunard, P & O and Union Castle daily sailed into Southampton Water.

The superb interiors of these vessels, which had made Britain’s passenger fleet a byword for luxury and elegance, demanded the highest standard of workmanship.

The craftsmanship of Walter Croll’s workshop soon began to win it a growing number of orders from discerning customers, and when the Union Castle Line awarded Millbrook a contract to refurnish and carpet their entire fleet, the success of the young Company was assured.

Since that time Millbrook has continued to grow and prosper using the same key skills.

Our attention to quality and eye for detail has achieved us an enviable reputation around the world from Luxury Furniture and Contract Market Places in both Government and Corporate Sectors.

Whether we are building a luxury yacht interior or laying a floor, painting a vehicle or building the front door for London’s Prime Minister at No. 10 Downing Street our goal is to provide a competitive price, for the best quality, delivered on time.

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