Welcome to the Millbrook Group

Millbrook was formed in 1946 and has subsequently grown into a diversified Group, employing over 750 people, operating across Healthcare, Logistics, Manufacturing and the Contracting Sectors around the world for Private, Commercial and Government sectors.

As a Company we pride ourselves on our capabilities and speed of response.

Understanding and communicating requirements to our staff across all areas of our operations is of key importance.

We have a ‘can do ethos’ through out our business which is built on involvement of all and a desire to succeed.

Our Mission is to quickly understand the needs and requirements of our customers’ and then deliver the highest quality cost effective solutions and products, on time with the highest levels of proactivity and care

The Millbrook Core Skills

  • Management Clarity and responsiveness
  • The on-going development of our staff
  • Production ,Quality and Performance Control
  • Logistics and ‘Remote Location’ control